Signature of Juan Carlos VASCO RODRÍGUEZ | Painter


Juan Carlos VASCO RODRÍGUEZ | Painter

Art has the ability to communicate with colors and shapes; the nature of the human being, the existence of civilization, values and fantasies”.
My painting is focused around my reality. The portrait and the landscape; artistic genres in which I see myself and find myself identified.
The use of photography on ocassions as a tool to fix the moment and the scene, whether for portraits or landscapes, plus the direct view of life to achieve details and nuances, are fundamental keys in my work process. Construction site. This is why my painting has photographic and realistics looks and nuances.
The compositional scheme is attributed to a photo-pictorical gaze.
I try to eternalize my painting. Capture a moment of life, stop and own a moment. Oil painting is the technical material used to publicize my discoveries and human knowledge, the way of communicating with others. A visual language of maximum impact. Juan Carlos